9. Precise mathematical method for singular perturbed differential equation with mixed shift

  • Masud Bairamy
Keywords: Differential equation, Taylor series, mixed shift, single perturbed


This research work is discussing about the mathematical solutions of the singular perturbed differential equation with minor shift known as delay and innovative variables. A four order finite differences methodology with a appropriate factors is introduced for the solutions of the singular perturbed differential equation with miscellaneous shifts. The delay and innovative shifts are accomplished by Taylor series, and an asymptotic equivalence singular perturbed twin-point boundaries value problems are attained. Suitable factors are proposed in the four order finite differences method for the problems which take care of the minor value of the perturbated parameters. These suitable factors are gained from the asymptotic solutions of single perturbation. Thomas algorithm is applied for solving the discrete systems of the differential schemes. Converging of the proposed methodology is studied. Determined total error is compared the various numeric experiment are listed to demonstrate the proposed methodology.